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Last night, the Colts left Denver with a 12-9 victory in hand to go along with countless questions about this football team.

Can this offensive line ever find a way to protect Matt Ryan? Is Ryan washed? Will this team ever score more than 20 points?

The truth is, after five games it’s hard to find a ton of positives with this group other than the fact that they are 2-2-1 and back in the race for the AFC South. This offense, even when its star running back Jonathan Taylor is healthy, is one of the worst in the league.  In today’s NFL that’s not going to win you many football games.

The lone bright spot for the Colts this season has been their defense which made play after play in both wins this season.

Unfortunately, a great defense will only take you so far. At some point, the offense has to get there act together and stop relying on the other side of the ball to bail them out.

We talked about it yesterday, but with this win the season resets for the Colts at 2-2-1. They have great opportunities over the next three weeks to push themselves back in complete control of the AFC South and the home playoff game that comes with it.

Are they capable of seizing those opportunities? That question is about as easy to answer as the ones above.

Friday on The Dan Dakich Show we spoke with two of our favorites in The Fan’s own Kevin Bowen and the talented Kent Sterling about where the 2022 Colts season goes from here.

We also talked with Kevin and Kent about:

  •  the excellent play of Stephon Gilmore
  • the struggles of Matt Ryan and the offensive line
  • the lack of success by the front office to properly fill glaring needs
  • what’s at stake next weekend against the Jaguars

Give a listen to Dan’s complete chats with Kevin and Kent below and don’t miss The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm eastern, on The Fan.

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