Jimmy Cook

Jimmy Cook

The bye week for the 2022 Indianapolis Colts has mercifully arrived, which gives us a great opportunity to look ahead to the offseason. No that’s not what we want to do be doing. We’d love to tell you about how the Colts are going to come out of the bye with a four game winning […]

It’s hard to fully explain what happened to the Indianapolis Colts as they were slaughtered 54-19 by the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. The best way I can come up with is the Colts are as done with 2022 as the fan base is. Final. #INDvsDAL pic.twitter.com/6gEOO5LbJj — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) December 5, 2022 […]

The Indianapolis Colts will head to Jerry’s World on Sunday to try and keep their bleak playoff hopes alive for one more week when they face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Up next. #ProBowlVote x @ZiggySmalls_ pic.twitter.com/UcbveCLSXs — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) December 1, 2022 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js For years it seemed like the Colts were […]

Regardless of if you are rooting for the Colts to win or lose the rest of the season, there is still a game to be played on Sunday Night at Jerry’s World against the Dallas Cowboys. So just what challenges will the Colts face in Dallas on Sunday? It’s #ForTheShoe vs. the #DallasCowboys on Sunday […]

Another loss, another blow to the Colts playoff hopes that currently sit on life support. At 4-7-1 and holding the tenth best record in the AFC the Colts are squarely on the outside looking in. One good quarter not enough for the Colts (4-7-1). That is all but the fatal blow to whatever fading playoff […]

With Sunday’s 17-16 loss the Indianapolis Colts fell to 4-6-1 on the year and all but laid to rest any fleeting hope of making the playoffs. For the second consecutive season, the Colts will likely be at home when real contenders compete for a shot at the Vince Lombardi Trophy. This disappointing reality begs the […]

The ’72 Dolphins popped champagne on Monday night as the last unbeaten team in the NFL this season, the Philadelphia Eagles, were defeated by the Washington Commanders 32-21. That’s right, the very same Eagles team the Colts host on Sunday arrives angry, frustrated, and looking to bounce back. The #72Dolphins live on as the only […]

We are three days remove from the Colts road victory against the Las Vegas Raiders and it’s hard to argue the simple fact that the Colts looked like a different team. The performance was such a 180° from the last month that it’s reasonable to wonder what the biggest difference was for Indy. Road dawgs. […]

Colts fans learned unfortunate news on Tuesday afternoon when reports broke that star linebacker Shaquille Leonard had season-ending back surgery. While the team can take solace in the fact that surgery was said to be successful, it begs the question of how the Colts defense will be impacted by Shaq’s absence the rest of the […]

On Sunday afternoon the thing that seemed impossible happened. A man with no prior coaching experience above the high school level led a NFL team to a win in his first game. So, with Jeff Saturday’s debut as a head coach resulting in a 25-20 Colts victory over the Raiders. an important question as emerged: […]