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It’s been quite the week for The Fan Morning Show!

Count ’em up; Three hall-of-famers on the program this week between Jeff Saturday, Tony Dungy, and now Bill Polian. For good reason though, as it’s that time of the year.

After the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers played a snooze-fest of a Hall-of-Fame Game, now we get to watch what folks go to Canton for.

It’s time for the inductions.

But before we get to that point on Sunday night for Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James’ big moments, we had to share some good stories, right?

That’s where Mr. Polian comes in. Earlier in the week with Dungy, Jeff and Big Joe asked Coach about some of the antics and pranks that Peyton pulled off during his time with the Blue and White. Dungy didn’t go into too much detail, but Polian sure did.

When the Colts used to have training camp at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Polian said everybody stayed in dorms and the campus was very hilly with a lake towards the bottom of the steep grounds. Everybody drove a golf cart around the campus, and Polian’s was parked outside of his building.

That was until one morning. Enter Peyton Manning.

“There was the lake next to the office complex and somebody point out the window,” Polian said. “On a float in the middle of the lake was my golf cart. And I immediately knew who the culprit was. That morning during the stretching, I went up to Peyton and said you wouldn’t believe what happened. And I told him. Then Peyton looked at me with a deadpan face and said who could’ve done that?”


When asked if he ever got Peyton back, Polian’s only response was “not as well as I would’ve liked.”

If we’re getting that story on The Fan, we can’t wait for Peyton and Edgerrin’s speeches. It’s set to be a great Sunday in Ohio.

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