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The anticipation amongst Colts fans for which QB the team will select is palpable as we inch closer to next month’s NFL Draft.

We’ll continue to break down everything from box scores, to film, to accuracy, to arm strength, to if there is a proverbial you must be this tall to be an NFL quarterback sign in every locker room around the league.

Joking aside, by this point we know the names. Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Will Levis, Anthony Richardson.

It’s likely to still be a while until we learn not only who the Colts will select, but if they will trade up to ensure they get their guy.

Which prospect is their guy? Well only a select few up at West 56th Street no the answer to that question. Since Chris Ballard isn’t likely to tell us anytime soon and Jim Irsay isn’t likely (we think) to let anything slip on Twitter, all we can do is talk to the top analysts and evaluate the info ourselves before we make an educated decision on what Indy will do.

One thing we haven’t discussed though is which quarterback has that defining straight that separates them from the pack and could propel them to achieve truly extraordinary things for years to come.

That’s right, we’re talking about the IT factor. That game changing, difference making, elite level ability to turn games in an instant and make everybody around you better.

Who among Young, Stroud, Richardson and Levis have that IT factor?

Thursday on The Fan Midday Show we went to the great Solomon Wilcots of Sirius XM to find out which member of this 2023 QB Class he feels has that trait.

Plus, Solomon shared with us:

  • which team he’s most excited about seeing operate during the NFL Draft
  • his thoughts on QBs choosing to throw or not throw at the NFL Combine
  • what he’s learned so far at this year’s NFL Combine
  • the risk/reward of trading up to get your guy
  • his reaction to the anonymous player surveyed NFLPA report cards on overall treatment by NFL teams across the league

Check out our full chat with Solomon Wilcots below and keep listening to The Fan Midday Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on The Fan.

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