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The Colts fell to the Titans Sunday dropping them to 3-5 on the season and 4 games back of the top spot in the AFC South. With the division looking extremely unlikely (3% chance of winning the AFC South according to Five Thirty Eight) the Colts have to look toward the Wildcard for any hopes of seeing postseason football in Indianapolis.

JMV used the opening segment of his show to express his frustration not only with the play of Carson Wentz but with the play calling of Frank Reich and lack of touches for Jonathan Taylor :

“You could see it coming throughout the afternoon. You pass it 51 times when it was completely unnecessary to do it. I’m not suggesting that you run Jonathan Taylor 35 times, but 16? It was unnecessary just like it was unnecessary for Carson Wentz to throw in triple coverage on 1st down when all you needed was a FG in OT. This team is not talented enough to overcome bad decision making by it’s Head Coach and QB.”

The play that will stick with the Colts and fans as the turning point in the game happened in the 2nd quarter as DE Tyquan Lewis intercepted Ryan Tannehill on 3rd and 11 and subsequently fumbled to give the ball back to Tennessee. The Titans scored on the next play with a Tannehill to AJ Brown 57 yard TD to even the score at 14. JMV thought that single play epitomized the Chris Ballard and Frank Reich era in Indianapolis:

“There’s nothing more Ballard and Reich era than the Tyquan Lewis play. Ultimately it’s a tease, you get 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Lewis is making a play, he’s a 2nd rounder, he’s in his contract year and hey way to make a play on it! And as he intercepts it and takes off, he blows out his knee and fumbles as he’s falling to the turf. You can’t make this blank up. Really this goes on with the Pacers too, you can’t get a second of good without a minute of bad.”

The Colts will need to take a few more steps forward without any backward if they want any chance of making the NFL postseason. If you missed any of JMV’s ranting and raving about the Colts meltdown to Tennessee, make sure you listen to the podcast below!

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