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The Colts were able to power through not only the 49ers but also the torrential rain storm in Santa Clara as they moved to 3-4 on the season. The Colts have now won 3 of their last 4 and put themselves back in the position to battle for the AFC South and also an AFC Wildcard spot if they can continue to stack wins together.

The Colts offense impressed JMV as a whole. Carson Wentz, Jonathan Taylor, and Michael Pittman Jr all took advantage of the 49ers defense that coming into the matchup Sunday Night, was ranked 20th in the NFL allowing 24.8 points per game. While recapping the game on his show, JMV explained why he was impressed with Frank Reich’s play calling late in the 4th to put away San Francisco:

“Instead of just kind of sitting on it and just trying to run it out, Frank Reich went at it. He went down the field and took the proverbial top off going and found Michael Pittman Jr for the game clinching score.”


Coming into the 2021 season Colts fans were excited about Jonathan Taylor because of his play at the end of his rookie year but were also cautiously optimistic about the other 2nd round pick in the 2020 Draft in Michael Pittman Jr. JMV explained his thought process on how Pittman Jr has developed into a #1 WR for the Colts:

“A year ago at the end of the season this is how we were describing Jonathan Taylor. More than just hope, you see it. With Michael Pittman Jr you now see it. Is he there yet? Absolutely not but you can see the potential…Somebody had asked me who I would compare Michael Pittman Jr with and I thought about Anquan Boldin. Bigger guy, great hands and could go up and get it. He could run a little bit but also trustworthy as a possession receiver. When you saw Michael Pittman Jr go up and get those passes it felt a little like Anquan Boldin.”


Michael Pittman Jr finished the day with 4 receptions on 4 targets for 105 yards and 1 TD and is on pace for a fantastic season for just his 2nd in the NFL.

If you missed any of JMV’s analysis from the game listen to the full show podcast below!

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