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Jeff and Big Joe are joined by Colts head coach, Frank Reich. Following a roller coaster of a first season, the team seems to be headed for a special season in 2019. Coach Reich gives his take on the state of the team and analyzes the Colts’ new draftees. 

On 2018 results and looking ahead to 2019: “Looking back on it we felt like it was an incredibly positive year. Made a lot of progress, a lot of strides. Personally, I try to avoid the temptation at the beginning of the year of expecting expectations. The one expectation that we talked about was that we’re going to try to fight to get better everyday…Now the challenge is to manage expectations where last year everyone’s expectations were low. Now this year hey we gotta stay focused on the same thing we stay focused on last year, and that’s to get better everyday.”

Who will be wide receiver 1, 2, and 3? 

“One of the things I love about Andrew is Andrew looks at everyone of our guys, every one of our receivers suiting up on gameday, he literally feels like these guys are the best guys in the world, and he has confidence in them. I think the receivers feel that, so we don’t have to say who is number 1, number 2. We’re a group, and we’re going to get it done no matter what that looks like.”

What’d he see from rookies during last week’s minicamp?

“You did see that their length and speed showed up. You saw that they looked like they belonged. You saw that mentally they could handle it…It was a good three days.”

Why hasn’t Andrew Luck thrown this offseason? 

“I’m really comfortable with his schedule. It’s something we talk about every week – what he’s doing physically and what that’s going to look like as far as throwing schedule. So, just something we keep in constant communication on.”

Hear the full interview with Frank Reich from Wednesday morning below. 

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