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Tight end for the Indianapolis Colts Jack Doyle joins The Dan Dakich Show to discuss the Colts’ training camp and his injuries. Dan asks Jack how his kidney is doing and the process for recovery associated with a hip injury. Jack also goes into how training camp is going so far. Finally Jack talks about how coach Frank Reich is as even keeled at practice as he is in interviews.

“What’s the symptom of a kidney injury? Peeing blood?”

“Yea that’s it. I was kind of unsure for a while. I just kind of got the wind knocked out of me and I just couldn’t catch my breath type of thing. It took a while I guess of just shortness of breath. I just started to get more and more pain in my abdominal region and peeing blood. I knew something was wrong so I went and got it checked out.”

“They have Frank Reich mic’d up. What will surprise them? A lot of swearing?”

“No and I don’t think they’ll be surprised with what they hear. He is very even keeled at practice and doesn’t say anything unless something needs to be said. He kind of just lets us practice. Not a yeller. I’ve seen him yell maybe a handful of times. You know if you hit a good play he will come give you a high five. He’s quiet until he gets into the film room and that is where he gives more of his coaching points or things like that. Which I love because he just lets you go out there and kind of play. He builds trust that way in guys and he’s the man.”

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