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Indiana Pacers v Portland Trail Blazers

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Last night Tyrese Haliburton returned from his five-game absence. The Pacers All-Star scored 13 points and dished out 10 assists in his 22 minutes.

He joined Query & Company Wednesday afternoon to provide an update on how he’s feeling today.

“I feel good this morning. I think that was the plan, hence why there was a minute restriction put in place. You hope that you ice, get your treatment, and wake up in the morning and feel good and be ready to go. I feel good this morning waking up and moving around and will be ready to go against the Knicks tomorrow. My goal is to play in the back-to-back with the Kings the next game. I think if I show I can get through three games in four days, then that’s encouraging for the medical staff and will help the minutes restriction moving along.” Haliburton stated.

Part of the reason Haliburton is pushing to play on Friday night is because of the new rules put in place for season awards (MVP, Most Improved Player, All-NBA, etc.).

The Iowa State product has already missed 13 games this season. Indiana has 34 games left, meaning he can only afford to miss four more games the rest of the season. Contractually, he can earn more money if he makes All-NBA.

Other things that he discussed with Jake Query & Jimmy Cook were:

  • The 65-game threshold for season awards
  • Being an ambassador for the city and organization
  • Where his joyful personality and unselfishness comes from

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