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Scott Agness 12 year pacers beat writer helps us with Pacers

What is Fieldhouse Files?

Fieldhouse Files is a newsletter and website launched by me, Scott Agness. I’ve covered the Pacers since 2012, first for and then on my own — later launching my Pacers-focused podcast, now named “Fieldhouse Files.”

I covered the Pacers for The Athletic from 2018-2020, up until the pandemic — when I was directly impacted by COVID-19 and the position was eliminated.

But you know me … I can’t stop. The coverage that you have become familiar with over the last decade will continue, now on

I also plan to be more personal and open, like sharing tales from my time on the beat and years as a ball boy — everything from player requests to what it’s like working inside a locker room.

Five things you can expect for me in my stories:

  1. Detailed intel about the organization and players.
  2. Analysis of games, free agency and what fans want to know.
  3. You’ll learn about the players, coaches and staff members behind the scenes.
  4. Frequent and consistent interaction with readers. If you have a question, I’ll make sure it’s answered.
  5. Weekly podcasts with a guest.

I invite you to subscribe below for full access to the newsletter and website.


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