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Pacers Center Myles Turner and all 17 Pacer players met with the media on Monday.

This was the third straight season players were made available after the season. It’s much appreciated because previously, the final game of the season was the last time to talk with them. And when they were in the playoffs regularly, that was difficult to plan.

On this day, players make their way through the St. Vincent Center one last time before beginning summer break. They meet individually with the front office, the coaching staff, medical team, strength coach, nutritionist, etc. They discuss this past season — individually and for the team — and look forward to next season.

Among the stops was a visit to Bobby ‘Slick’ Leonard Court, where they sat down at a table and answered questions from local media. (notes from 2022)

Then, each player departed with a binder with a customized plan for the offseason and a framed jersey to recognize their season with the Pacers.

Three players will be free agents in July: Oshae BrissettJames Johnson and George Hill. All three hope to be back.

Two-way players Kendall Brown and Gabe York will also hit free agency.

Below are the key takeaways from Myles interview.

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Notes from Pacers Center Myles Turner’s exit interview:

  • He began by reiterating how his mental game was strong and a big deal for him this season. That’s the area he’s made the largest growth since becoming a pro.
  • He’s thrilled to be healthy going into the offseason. His focus all last summer was to get healthy, now he can spend more time on his body and making improvements with his game.
  • “I’m just going straight to grind mode and get it. … I couldn’t be happier with the way things played out this year for me individually. But I’m not satisfied. This isn’t my ceiling.
  • “I want to prove that this is more than just a flyover city. We’re a competitive group and a hungry group.”
  • Turner teased that he plans to host a basketball camp in August. That’s in addition to the one he holds annually back home in Texas.
  • On what stood out about the rookies: “Confidence. Both of them. Between Drew and Benn, coming in here and stepping in right away and being able to play, that’s hard.”
  • Myles stressed how how each guy must become a better individual defender. “That’s gonna be huge. That’s a pride thing.”
  • On missing the postseason for the third straight year: “That’s a load question. I think getting spoiled coming into the league and being in the postseason three or four years in a row and now seeing the flip side of it, having young guys come in and be part of a developmental group as opposed to a postseason group, it’s an interesting perspective. … Yes, I’m very upset that it’s the third year in a row of us getting so close, but so far at the same time. But, I don’t hate it for our young guys to get the experience that they got this year. I wouldn’t trade that for anything because experience is everything.
  • Myles was most proud of getting to the offseason healthy. “That was as huge, huge goal of mine going into the season. I’m proud of my offensive output, be around the basket and not having to shoot as many 3s as I did. I think as the season kept going, I got better and better and better. I think I’m just proud of how I was able to stay so mentally strong.”

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