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Allstate Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Kansas State

The NFL Combine is here in Indianapolis and on Friday morning the draft class of quarterbacks will get their turns at the podium to answer questions from the national media filling the Indiana Convention Center.  Maybe the biggest question (no pun intended) is the size of Alabama quarterback (and projected top pick) Bryce Young. Young is rumored to be measuring in at around 5’10” and his 194-pound frame has raised some eyebrows about if his body type can last a full NFL season.  Some think it’s a big red flag while some have dubbed him a “Mini Mahomes”.  Yeah, we’re already to that part of the off-season with the declarations of which players is the next future Hall of Famer.

The Colts own the 4th overall The Colts Want A QB To Fit Their Mold, That Isn’t Bryce Youngpick and are one of about 6 teams in the top 10 that you can make a valid argument that they need to draft a quarterback this year.  The issue with the Colts is that the division rival Texans sit at No. 2 and can easily take the quarterback the Colts want with either staying put or having a much easier time negotiating with the Chicago Bears to slide up to the top spot.  The debate then becomes should the Colts potentially mortgage their future to leapfrog the Texans to get the guy they want and avoid facing him for the next decade?  Can they afford to sit at No. 4 or will other teams leapfrog them leaving the Colts with possibly their third or fourth option at QB?

It’ll be a fascinating debate in the weeks to come.  But if the Colts are targeting a QB and if that QB is Young, it sure would go against the grain of the type of QB that Chris Ballard and the Colts usually roll with.  Mel Kiper Jr. appeared on ESPN 1000’s Waddle & Silvy show in Chicago earlier in the week and mentioned this nugget about Ballard’s mindset when it comes to QBs:

I think Chris Ballard, to me, when I look at Indy, I think they want a bigger quarterback.  That’s why I think the make the 4-to-2 move because I think they’re going to go up and get a guy like Stoud or Levis or Richardson.  They want a big guy. – Mel Kiper Jr. on why he believes the Colts will pass on Bryce Young

On Thursday’s Kevin & Query, the guys debated the idea with Kevin Bowen saying Ballard would absolutely write Young off saying if the height and weights were in the linebacker position, Young, despite his talent, would be taken off the list immediately.

Will Ballard and the Colts stay tried and true to their evaluation at the position or will they see that Young is so dynamic that despite the size issue, he’s too good to pass up?

Time will tell.

-Marc Dykton

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