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The Colts found themselves at the center of the NFL universe last week when they shocked everyone and hired Jeff Saturday as their interim Head Coach. With no prior college or NFL coaching experience, the talking heads in the national media found their newest piece of red meat. Soon enough, every show on sports television had their 3 minute clip calling out Jim Irsay for doing something outside the box that those inside the “club” didn’t approve of.


Indiana has some experience hiring Head Coaches with no prior coaching experience. Remember Larry Bird? In the ’97-’98 season, Bird led the Pacers to a 58-24 record and Coach of the Year honors. Current Pacers Head Coach Rick Carlisle shared his thoughts on how Bird transitioned to a head job without experience.


That didn’t stop the National NFL Media though. The NBA can hire a Head Coach with no experience and it’s no big deal. But the NFL? Hiring re-treads that have failed in previous stints is more favorably looked at than doing something new. Media members from Kyle Brandt, to former All-Pro LT Joe Thomas, and even Super Bowl winning HC Bill Cowher took their shots at Saturday before the Colts took on the Raiders.


Jeff Saturday showed them all up after the Colts played their best game of the 2022 season. Is it a coincidence that when one of the best OL in franchise history showed up, the unit tasked with protecting QB Matt Ryan rose to the challenge?


On his show Monday, 107.5 The Fan afternoon host JMV spent some time reacting to the national media outrage and why he thinks the problem is the incentive for these media members to hyperbolize their points. For more on the Colts and what this win means for their remainder of the season, listen to JMV from 3-6 on 93.5 and 107.5 The Fan!



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