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(00:00-03:06) – Greg Rakestraw welcomes you in with another edition of Soccer Saturday by previewing today’s show, announces which six players will be back with the Indy Eleven, and the unfortunate news surrounding the news of Diego Maradona.

(06:10-22:17) – The head coach of the Indy Eleven in Martin Rennie makes a return to the program to discuss the recent re-signing and acquisitions of players between last week’s show and this week. Also, Coach Rennie discusses coming back for his 4th season as the lead man of the Eleven.

(25:18-37:08) –  After re-signing to join the Indy Eleven for a second stint with the team, Carl Haworth joins the show to explain the difference between a Canadian Thanksgiving to a Thanksgiving in the United States, what it was like spending roughly nine months away from home for one of the first times in his career, and his feelings on playing with Tyler Pasher and Ayoze versus playing against them.

(40:11-54:19) – Greg Rakestraw takes you behind the curtain following a conversation with the lead soccer announcer for FOX Sports in John Strong discusses the Men’s National Team two matches a couple weeks ago and shares a couple stories about the soccer icon that we lost on Wednesday in Diego Maragona.

(57:20-58:07) – With very limited time in the final segment of today’s show, Greg spends it thanking everyone who made today’s show possible.

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