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(00:00-04:57) – In the opening segment of today’s edition of Soccer Saturday, Greg Rakestraw informs you on some important news about the Indy Eleven’s training and foreshadows who you will be hearing from today.

(07:59-22:58) – Head Coach Martin Rennie makes a return to the show after a week off to explain how beneficial it is to have so much depth, whether or not he has received or has an idea about a schedule, and he shares his thoughts the league made to expand the playoffs to two team per division.

(26:00-36:55) – An old friend of the show and a well known name in Indy Eleven history, former assistant and interim head coach Tim Regan joins the program for the first time in four years. Regan discusses what this spring was like for him with the Bradley Braves, how boring it is for him not being able to be recruiting, and the energy that was consistently brought into Carroll Stadium during his time with the Indy Eleven.

(39:56-51:51) – Greg Rakestraw continues his conversation with Tim Regan about the difficult conversation he had to have with Peter Wilt, why he chose to stick around with the Indy Eleven, and where he ranks the Miracle at the Mic in his soccer career.

(54:51-57:15) – In the final segment of Soccer Saturday for the month, Greg Rakestraw updates you on who won the Premier League this season in historic fashion.

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