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Even if you missed the final episodes of ‘The Last Dance’, you’ve probably seen an image of Kathy Martin Harrison, aka ‘Screaming Pacers Lady’, somewhere on social media:

Harrison is drawing even more online attention than Reggie Miller and the entire Indiana Pacers team featured in Episode 9. She joined The Dan Dakich Show on Monday to talk about her role as a fan and shared stories of some verbal exchanges with Hall of Famers Patrick Ewing and Dennis Rodman.

Harrison’s legend lives to fight another day, as Jeff and Big Joe gave their takes on Tuesday’s Fan Morning Show.

Jeff Rickard explained how certain ‘louder’ fans became staples at venues across the NBA back when it was acceptable:

“As teams came twice a year, they would know what to expect from Indiana,” Rickard said. “And Kathy Martin Harrison was one of those things that you expected in Indiana. Some players dealt with it, like Dennis Rodman did, in a very playful way. Some players didn’t want anything to do with her. But she became part of what players were going to experience when they came to Market Square Arena.”

What about the opinion that Harrison was out of line yelling expletives at the Bulls players?

“Obviously the stakes were extremely high when that video was taken,” Big Joe said. “You’re in the Eastern Conference Finals…The event of the season was going on right then and there. So, yeah, I’m sure you’re amped up a little bit more.”

Any way you slice it, fans with Harrison’s ‘verbal passion’ can’t exist in today’s NBA, at least not in the first few rows. The game has definitely changed, but the ‘Last Dance’ reminded us all of what basketball meant, and continues to mean, for so many people.


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