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Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the hot take of the decade.

Here it is: People take shopping carts for granted.

Not only has the Coronavirus pandemic reminded us all of just how dirty shopping cart handles can be, but it has also provided the ultimate “litmus test” for “determining whether a person is a good or bad member of society”. Yes, the increased traffic at your local grocery store can tell you quite a bit about the people around you.

It all starts and ends with returning your shopping cart, which is precisely what Jeff Rickard and Big Joe Staysniak discussed on The Fan Morning Show.

Rickard referenced an anonymous article he came across that spells out how returning a shopping cart says a lot about an individual.

The takeaways?

  • Returning your shopping cart is objectively right, and is the appropriate thing to do
  • Only dire emergencies prevent shoppers from returning their carts
  • It’s not illegal to leave your shopping cart by itself in the parking lot, and you gain nothing by returning it

The article draws the conclusion that people who don’t return their shopping carts are “absolute savages that can only be made to do what is right by threatening them with a law…”

What do the guys think?

“I’ve always been somebody who would never feel right just leaving my shopping cart next to the car…[and] I think most people are on the right side of this,” Rickard said.

Big Joe pointed to the practicality of returning your cart:

“I was at Costco a week or two ago and it blows me away because especially here in Indiana with the wind that we get, people don’t understand the damage that those carts cause when they go flying across the parking lot when they catch a little bit of wind. I see it all the time, and I typically see it from older folks. And in that regard, I kinda look at it as, ‘Okay, it’s my duty, I’ll go ahead and pick it up.’”

Nothing but kind, law abiding citizens here on The Fan Morning Show.

All this talk of shopping carts and morality brings up yet another important question:

Can we have sports back, please?


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