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Excitement is building for the 2020 NFL Draft.

The three-day, seven round draft has become the highlight of the spring sports calendar, and everyone has an opinion about what will happen, including JMV.

In talking with Kevin Bowen on yesterday’s The Ride With JMV, he gave us his Colts “Draft Day Guarantees”.

Guarantee #1: The Colts do not draft a quarterback in the first three [picks]…but over the course of the draft, there will be one selected.

Kevin Bowen responded:

“I did a mock draft earlier in the week and I had them taking [a quarterback] in round three (Anthony Gordon, Washington State). When you hear Chris Ballard use the phrase ‘you don’t force a quarterback pick’, to me that is more in early rounds…I don’t necessarily agree with [your guarantee] – I don’t agree with it to be honest with you – who knows what the board will look like come Friday night. But, yeah, I could actually see that happening to where the quarterback pick comes in round four, five, or six.”

Guarantee #2: If Chris Ballard goes wide receiver, wide receiver, tight end in the first three [picks], I will have a ‘sports arousal’ that will last a week.

“That is 100% guaranteed knowing you,” Bowen joked. “I’d be a fan of it, but I can’t see Ballard going that route.”

Guarantee #3: If Ballard goes two defensive players and a wide receiver, I’m going to lose my mind over the weekend.

“Yeah, I would probably do the same,” Bowen said. “I know that he’s spent so much of his first three-year draft capital on the defensive side of the ball. I think it’s time to give some love to the offense.”

“I look at the signing of (receiver) Marcus Johnson today and I’m like ‘okay, yeah, I thought when Marcus Johnson has been healthy, he deserves more of a look’, but in no way, shape, or form does that lessen the need at all for the importance at wideout over the next couple of days. It is by far the most important need right here right now in 2020, and then when you look long-term, I would say it’s clearly need number two.”

JMV ended by noting that wide receiver has long been a sore spot on the Colts draft board under Ballard.

“The wide receiver position, I’m sorry, they have addressed it, but it has been neglected,” JMV said. “And when addressed, it has been a swing and a flat miss since Chris [Ballard] has been here. So now’s the time. You’ve got the deepest wide receiving pool we have ever seen in the history of the NFL Draft, you’ve got a couple of picks in the second round. Take advantage of it, what’s wrong with that?”


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