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The Colts were able to avoid starting the season 0-2 for the first time since 2013 after beating up on the Washington Football Team on the road on Sunday, but that didn’t jump them very much in ESPN’s Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

They moved from 29 to 24 heading into their matchup against the defending world champion Philadelphia Eagles. 

ESPN NFL Power Rankings Colts rank for week 3

Below them are the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, and Buffalo Bills. 


Above them, though? The 0-2 Seattle Seahawks and the 0-2 Houston Texans.


Russell Wilson essentially avoids a 5-man rush every play because they have no O-line. Their biggest upside according to ESPN? They have a “weapon” as a kicker in Sebastian Janikowski. 

Deshaun Watson and the Texans can’t even beat Blaine Gabbert. 

This is what power rankings are supposed to do, though. They’re created to make people get mad online for their team not getting enough “respect”, but really? The Seahawks above the Colts who are a fumble away from being 2-0? C’mon man. 

One thing is for sure – if the Colts beat Carson Wentz and the Eagles on Sunday evening, they’ll definitely not be behind those teams. 

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