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The Legend, Slick Leonard joins Jeff and Big Joe on a random phone call to discuss the Pacers this offseason, how he has been feeling, and a good laugh with Big Joe. 

On recent events with Tyreke Evans:

” I knew early on that he was having some problems .Mark Boyle, when he’s on the road and here, you always see him on the floor around the scorers table and he gets a lot of information. But I knew that Tyreke was having some personal problem.s He was being late for practice, missed a practice .So when those things start happening you  have to find the source. When you get knocked out for two years you have to be on some pretty hard stuff.”

On the Warriors continued success:

“Watching them in these three games two of those three games in Oakland Portland had them down 13 at the half and then came back had them down 14 in Portland and they turned up the defense on Portnald, and had them all out of sink.The Michigan State alum is playing better than Durant.”

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