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Episode 149 of Kevin’s Corner provides a full recap of the first week of Colts camp, an update on Andrew Luck, how the defense and the rookies have looked so far, who has stood out, and more. Per usual, Kevin answers your Twitter questions at the end of the show.

On Andrew Luck’s calf injury:

“He’s the only player outside of Spencer Ware who hasn’t participated in team drills yet, and again that is all a surprise to me. And all of this – I’d say 95{5dd8c7b63a028b9b3d9631c150841b4edbdaa573473167044a48eb9cc9fbf1fb} of this – is all of Andrew Luck’s doing, want, desire. This is his call when he wants to get back into full team sessions. Am I worried about Andrew Luck throwing the football? No. When I watch him throw in individual or 7-on-7 periods, I don’t notice him favoring his calf or anything like that. I’m not, I’m not worried about him individually having a good season after missing four team sessions – not at all. But I think where you have some concern individually for Luck it’s how long does he continue to worry about the calf, and does that hinder is ability to make plays during the regular season?

How has the rookie class looked?

“I would say in general probably the guys that I expected to make a strong impression maybe haven’t, and the guys I was kind of like ‘Ah I wanna see more’ in the spring, I’ve noticed them more – Khari Willis being one of those guys. I think he’s been aggressive in the 1-on-1’s, he’s got an aggressive nature…I like what I’ve seen. I’d say the guys that have impressed the most – Rock Ya-Sin always seems to be around the ball. 

Why has Parris Campbell impressed so far?

“You just don’t see guys create that kind of seperation in that kind of space. And people can say Jalen Collins knows he has safety help. That’s not what that drill is. That’s noteable because what do we hear about Parris Campbell? He can’t run a full route tree, he can’t be a complete receiver, he’s a gadget guy, and that’s why I think Frank Reich was a little fired up after practice. Reich was like, “That wasn’t no gadget play, that wasn’t no hybrid route. That was a grown man’s route that I can be a stud receiver in this league.” I think it was Frank Reich saying ‘I stood on a table for this guy in the draft for a reason, and I believe his footwork can make him a complete receiver.’”

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