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Albert Dickson | Getty Images

It’s the most important play in franchise history. 

Marlin Jackson’s interception of Tom Brady completed the 21-3 comeback, KO’d the Evil Empire, and sent the Colts packing for Super Bowl 41 all in one play. 

Remember it, and remember it well. 

This play would have been legendary no matter what. Any team. Any quarterback. If you seal the game for your team to go to the Super Bowl, you’re going to go down in history. 

But the fact it was the Patriots, and the fact it was TOM FREAKING BRADY just makes it even more the sweetest. 

I’ve been an advocate for a while on two things involving this play: 

1. There should be a statue of the header image of this blog outside of Lucas Oil Stadium. Marlin Jackson laying on the ground with his hand in the sky, Robert Mathis on top of him, Antoine Bethea closing in, and if there’s any way to include Brady walking off in defeat in juuuuust the slightest than even better. It’s that big of a moment for this franchise and for the city. 

2. January 21 should be a local holiday every year. At least give the fine folks of Indianapolis a half day to drink, be merry, and reminisce on the magic that happened at the RCA Dome on that frigid, snowy night back in 2007. 

28 days. 

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