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In the opening segment of the show JMV tries to dissect what Chris Ballard said late last night in a teleconference with reporters. JMV is then joined by Chris Hagan of Fox 59 and they discuss whether or not they expect to see Andrew Luck week 1 if the Colts are being more open with information compared to Luck’s shoulder injury in 2017.


“The first thing that sticks out to me is this, if you have known about this and how it’s gone down for this length of time instead of continuing to say that your expectation is that if there was a game on Sunday that Luck could play or feeling fashionable about him being ready for week number 1, and hopefully he still is, but if you felt there might be a question whether he would be able to start week number 1 in LA, if there is any question at all then please for the love try to get people ready for Jacoby Brissett! Try to do that and also understand that the moment Jim Irsay goes on, especially with someone he feels comfortable with like Bill Polian, that much like 2 years ago, the truth is going to flow!” 

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