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The NBA trade deadline is coming up this week. 

Thursday to be exact. 

While the Pacers are on pace for over 50 wins this season, their recent struggles have started to become a little concerning. Is it just growing pains with adding Victor Oladipo back into the lineup? 

Or should they add more? 

TV play-by-play voice Chris Denari joined Jeff & Big Joe this morning on The Fan Morning Show to discuss his thoughts about possible movess at the deadline. 

“I don’t know if they do anything around the edges,” Denari told the guys.

“Kevin Pritchard has shown that he is willing to do something during the season to improve a team, but last year it was adding a free agent. Wesley Matthews was waved from New York and the Pacers were able to absorb him into the team at the end of the year.”

We’ve also seen moves that have hurt the Pacers in recent years. 

It fell more under Larry Bird then, but we don’t have to remind you of the Danny Granger-Evan Turner trade followed by the signing of Andrew Bynum

Sometimes you’re good with what you have. 

“I still think this is one of the deeper teams in the NBA,” said Denari.

“They have great depth at the wings. You have your two centers that start together, that play together, if one gets into foul trouble you’ve the other one to back him up. I’m just not sure you do anything even to create more volatility with that roster. I think they like the continuity that they have. I think that they want to see how this all fits together because for the most part you’ve got this core together for the next few years. To me, I think that you can develop this group with some patience and really be pretty good over the next few years.”

It is an exciting time to be a Pacers fan. 

Domas, Brogdon, Turner all being extended and a soon-to-be extended Victor should set Indiana up for exciting hoops seasons for years to come. 

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