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Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys

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The NFL and the Indianapolis Colts have made official what has long been expected since the news broke that Isaiah Rodgers was facing punishment for gambling on NFL games, some of which included his team. 

The league announced that Rodgers, along with Colts defensive end Rashod Berry and free agent defensive tackle Demetrius Taylor, would all be indefinitely suspended, with the ability to apply for reinstatement after 1 year. The Colts reacted swiftly following the announcement, with the team releasing both Rodgers and Berry.  

For Rodgers, this caps a tumultuous month that saw him go from being a potential starter on the Colts defense, with the ability to earn a nice payday via a contract extension, to sitting on his couch for the entire year at least. While he is still young, and there is a chance that a team will sign him once his suspension is up, it’s no guarantee. A year away from the game is a long time if you’re not a marquee attraction like Calvin Ridley or Deshaun Watson. It’s a year of being off the radar of scouts, coaches, and general managers; perhaps when Rodgers has been reinstated, the league has moved on? 

Of course, the question remains of who exactly Rodgers bet on. If he bet against the Colts, it would not be surprising to see all 32 teams pass on bringing him in. To threaten the integrity of the game in that way might well be viewed as an unforgivable sin to NFL decision makers.  

If, on the other hand, Rodgers bet on the Colts, his career might still have life. He certainly won’t get anything close to the contract he may have gotten, at least not at first. Rodgers is, however, only 25 years old and was widely beloved in the Colts locker room. He can contribute on special teams as a returner and showed plenty of promise as a corner. There are plenty of teams that could use a player of his caliber on what will likely be a cheap deal.  

Ultimately, Rodgers’ future in the NFL is entirely out of his hands. He has without a doubt realized just how big of a mistake he has made. He has lost his job, and quite possibly, his career, not to mention the millions of dollars he would’ve earned on a new contract. In order to return, he’ll have to show the league that he has learned his lesson and understands how damaging his actions were to the NFL’s brand. Of course, if he did bet against the Colts, it may not matter how much remorse he shows.  

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