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The Colts have had their end of season press conferences, they’ve answered all of the questions and now they get ready for the real work to begin: How to put a humiliating 2022 behind them and get things back to respectability in 2023?

There are plenty of decisions to be made.

Chris Ballard appears to be the GM going forward but will Jeff Saturday be back as well?  If not, who will be the head coach and what will his staff look like?  The biggest question will be who will be under center for the Colts in 2023?  It seems next to impossible they roll out Matt Ryan, Nick Foles or Sam Ehlinger and with the fourth overall pick they seem poised to have one of the top quarterback prospects.

But what if they could have the pick of the litter and not have to worry about taking a second or third option at the most important position in sports? It would involve the Colts getting bold and forward-thinking and it would also involve some calculated risk in giving up draft capital to the Chicago Bears in order for it to happen.  If they were to pull the trigger on such a deal, what would that even look like?

Scenario #1: 

The Bears trade the 2023 No. 1 pick for the Colts 2023 first-round pick (No. 4), 2023 second-round pick (No. 35), 2024 third-round pick and DT DeForest Buckner

As a Bears fan, I’ve already been flooded with inquiries about what I think it would take to get the #1 pick from the Bears and I honestly don’t know.  I’m hoping for a haul but I also can’t get too outlandish with projecting what it would take.  The Colts will only have to trade up three spots but they also have to out-entice every other team calling the Bears to trade up.  Getting a top five pick and getting a very high second-round pick is a solid start.  Adding the 2024 picks and DeForest Buckner, a top defender at a position the Bears desperately need to address would be the icing on top in my opinion.

No, I don’t want Quenton Nelson or Shaquille Leonard. Those monster contracts at non-premium positions and for guys with health questions don’t interest me in the slightest.  Buckner?  Now we’re talking.  He’s still on the right side of 30 and under team control for a couple more seasons.  While I think there could be better offers out there, this one at least makes me think pretty hard about.

Scenario #2 

The Bears trade the 2023 No. 1 pick for the Colts 2023 first-round pick (No. 4), 2023 second-round pick (No. 35), 2023 fourth-round pick & 2024 second-round pick

No players in this one.  This is similar to the trade the Bears sent the 49ers in the Mitch Trubisky trade back in 2017 but that was only to move up one spot as opposed to three, hence the added second-round pick in 2024.  This one is a bit richer in the draft pick selection but again, the Colts will be vying for the top spot against other desperate teams.  If they want their pick of Stroud, Young or Levis this is what it may take.

Scenario #3

The Bears trade the 2023 No. 1 pick for the Colts 2023 first-round pick (No. 4), 2023 second-round pick (No. 35), 2023 fourth-round pick, 2024 second-round pick, 2025 second-round pick

The most long-term of the scenarios.  This one ties resembles a bit of what the Rams dished to Washington for Robert Griffin III back in 2012.  That trade involved a couple more first-round picks but also saw the Rams jump from No. 6 to No. 2.  Would be Chris Ballard and the Colts be willing to dish out some potentially high end draft picks for the next few seasons in order to hopefully get their next franchise QB?  It’s going to take a bold and out of the box strategy for the Colts to win the battle for the top pick but if they’re as sold on a prospect as they can be then no price should be too high if you finally solve the quarterback position.

What do you think? Are any of these scenarios enticing or should the Colts just stand pat and take the best available QB at No. 4?

-Marc Dykton