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Let’s wind the clocks back a year.

Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson each had the same 1-in-a-million foot injury and surgery on the same day, and the Indianapolis Colts were left in a pickle, especially at quarterback. That left Frank Reich and company with Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger to play during the preseason. The two “E’s” were awarded quite the opportunity.

Fast forward back to August of 2022. Ehlinger was still a Colt heading into Training Camp. Eason, who did get playing time last year before being cut, ended up on the Carolina Panthers, got in a game earlier this season, and is now the back-up to P.J. Walker.

After you were told all of 2021 Training Camp that Eason was the greatest thing since sliced bread because of his “arm strength and quarterback body”, I told you all along that Ehlinger was the guy. Maybe not immediately then, but of course, certainly in the now.

Sam Ehlinger is the new starting quarterback for the Colts. How will he do this Sunday versus the Washington Commanders? Who in the hell knows. The 2022 Colts make absolutely zero sense. This team might finish the year with six wins, 10 wins, or they might not win another this year. That’s the state of this organization. One thing is for sure, Ehlinger is going to compete. He will win over this fan base.


That’s what this guy does.

Ehlinger, who has been through the ringer since his professional career started with the loss of his dad and brother, isn’t screwing around here. From the day he stepped into the Colts Complex, he did something to get Jim Irsay on his side. I have no idea what exactly it was. But I had someone I trust very much come up to me on the third day of Training Camp last year and tell me that Irsay loves this guy. The 6th-round pick. The quarterback that was barely supposed to make the roster.

Life, business, football. It’s all the same. If you treat people right, it’s going to get you in the right place. Ehlinger put in the work. He got Irsay in his corner, then Chris Ballard, and finally, Frank Reich.

If Ehlinger’s actually on-field ability is as good as his personable and human interaction skills, the Colts are going to the Super Bowl. There are legitimate concerns though. If a Top-10 passing quarterback all time like Matt Ryan can’t play behind this offensive line, how is guy supposed to handle it in his first career start?

If Indianapolis hangs Ehlinger out to dry as bad as they lied to Ryan about giving him a reliable O-Line and a dominant rushing attack, then we’re in trouble.

But hell, as Russell Wilson would say, let’s ride.

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