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Irsay had no idea that the locker room culture (more so confidence and swagger) was this bad. You don't bring in Jeff Saturday if you don't think the roster needs an attitude change. If everything was fine and peachy, you would've promoted one of Bubba Ventrone, Gus Bradley, or John Fox. Saturday entering the fold tells me that Irsay has zero trust in the people on the sidelines right now and he wants to know what the hell is going on. 

Well, that was embarrassing.  The Washington Freaking Commanders came into town and handed a big fat L to the Indianapolis Colts.  In front of a packed late window crowd on a Sunday afternoon in Indianapolis, on Tarik Glenn Night, with Peyton Manning in the building, in Sam Ehlinger's first NFL start, against the team that you traded your scapegoat quarterback to in the off-season, versus the wide receiver (Terry McLaurin) that you passed on and should have drafted, and after Jim Irsay's comments on Dan Snyder, the Colts once again came up short.

After you were told all of 2021 Training Camp that Eason was the greatest thing since sliced bread because of his "arm strength and quarterback body", I told you all along that Ehlinger was the guy. Maybe not immediately then, but of course, certainly in the now.

If you’re like me, you’re ultra competitive in Fantasy Football. Not just for the money, not just for the bragging rights, but also to avoid your league’s punishment. Hopefully yours isn’t too bad. Do you and your friends have a solid league punishment? If you do, tweet me @BKingSports. For example, last year ours was […]

What’s up! Wow, was it great to be back at Grand Park for Indianapolis Colts Training Camp or what. I had the pleasure of getting a quick baseball break on Sunday and Monday to swing by and see what was happening. And the two practices left me quite impressed. Can’t wait to be back in […]

Time and again, the Indianapolis 500 brings hundreds of thousands of people together. Those people may never have come across each other if it wasn’t for the very event that gives our city its flare. Kids fall in love, adults connect back to the moments that made them first adore 16th and Georgetown. It’s special. […]

What’s up everybody! Everything is going really well in South Bend to start the season. It’s been a blast to be traveling with the South Bend Cubs doing road games again, and by all accounts we are fully back to normal. Of course during my travels though, I’m keeping a keen eye on what’s happening […]

It’s the month of April. Usually this time of year is for MLB Opening Day, NBA/NHL Playoffs, the NFL Draft, and more. I’m not thinking about any of that at this very moment writing this in Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’m thinking about Butler Basketball. Yes, pondering a team that has not been good enough […]

22 days after getting knocked out of the Big East Tournament in their third loss of the season to the Providence Friars, the Butler Bulldogs are looking for a new Head Basketball Coach. That’s not just for the Men’s team at Butler, but also the Women. Kurt Godlevske was let go after a one win […]

For all that has been invested into the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive line, you would think they are at the very least ranked statistically top-10 in the NFL. Interestingly, that is not the case. According to Pro Football Focus, in their final offensive line rankings of 2021, the Colts were outside of the top-10. The grouping […]