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From my (Jake Query) IMS Radio perch atop the Northeast Vista, I’ve seen ya. I’ve seen ya pulling names from a hat and the driver’s name you  pull end up being your favorite for the next 500 miles.

So, for the 33 days leading up to the race, I figured I’d let ya know more about the PEOPLE in the cockpit or the people you may end up rooting for when you pull a name out of a hat. A couple things you might want to know about these drivers is…

  • Who shares YOUR passion?
  • Who likes YOUR favorite musician?
  • Whose story strikes a chord that connects beyond the strip of paper you pulled from the hat?


Strap in. Ride along for 33 days of “Get to know”.

Christian Lundgaard – Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing – Car #30

All You Need To Know About Christian Lundgaard.

Christian Lundgaard likely got it from his Dad. The “racing bug”, as it’s called. That thirst for a speed that can’t be quenched until you strap into a race car.


Henrik Lundgaard understood it. After all, he was five years into a European Rally championship racing career when his 2nd son was born.


Christian Lundgaard was born July 23, 2001 in Haldenstad Denmark, a town with a metro population about the same size as Kokomo, Indiana. By age 11, Christian had watched enough of his older brother Daniel, and father’s races. He begged to finally get his chance.


He began in go karts, and won multiple championships throughout Europe. By the time he was 15, Lundgaard was recognized by as one of the Top five most promising talents in karting.


By 2017, he joined Alpine Academy, a Renault driver development program. It paid dividends.

In 2021, he caught the eye of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, who tested him at Barber

Motorosports Park in July of that year and started him in the IndyCar GP at IMS a month later. He qualified 4th in his debut and finished 12th, earning a full time ride for this season.


Away from the track, his passions include playing “Call of Duty” and binge watching Netflix shows.

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