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Indianapolis – For the first time since the Colts disappointing loss to the Jaguars, shutting them out of the postseason, Colts Head Coach Frank Reich answered questions from the media on a wide array of topics. Here are some of the highlights:


  • On if stability at QB is important: “Yes, to build is ideal. Continuity is ideal. You can grow together. Yes. Is there a side of it that you long for that? You hope that you can get that. That’s just the hand we’ve been dealt so far.”
  • On his belief in Carson Wentz: “I know I believe in Carson. I believe in him. I stuck my neck out for him. I stuck my neck out for him last year. I was a big part of that decision to get him here and so I believe he’s going to continue to have a lot of success at quarterback – that might be here, it might not be here. That decision has yet to be determined, but I still believe in the person and I still believe in the player. We’re all in progress. I’m in progress. He’s in progress. Every one of our players is in progress. You just don’t want to get into that trap of taking a snapshot of any one week or one year – it’s a bigger story than that. The storyline is much bigger than one season. We’ve always had that perspective and we’ll continue to.”


  • His thoughts on the upcoming QB Draft Class: “Not a lot of thoughts yet. Watched a little bit, did a little bit of homework coming in. With the defensive staff hiring, that’s been basically a full-time job for the better part of two-and-a-half weeks. So, I haven’t had a chance to dive in on some tape. We’ll look forward to getting into that as we go.”


  • Impact of Reggie Wayne joining the staff as the WR Coach: “It would mean a lot. I’ve been talking to Reggie  about possibly getting on staff for four years. I mean, Reggie is a guy I have the utmost respect for, I’m just a big believer in him as a person and as a competitor, as a winner. If we can get that all locked up, I think it will be a big deal. It hurts losing Coach (Mike) Groh. Coach Groh wanted to make a move, we allowed him to make that move for some personal reasons that were good for his family. I’m excited for the prospect that we take that final step with someone like Reggie and I think he’ll bring a lot, not only to the individual receivers there about how to play the position but also just a mentality. That championship mentality that we want to have to go forward.”


  • On adding more playmakers to the offense: “Really excited about those three players, three big-time playmakers that you mentioned there. I do think we have other playmakers but of course, we’re no doubt trying to add pieces, add weapons, add players. That’s this time of year. That’s what everybody is so excited about now. Who’s going to be the next Nyheim Hines drafted in the fourth round or Jonathan Taylor or (Michael) Pittman Jr.? I do think we got some young guys who have some upside who, given the opportunity, given another year, I expect one or more of those guys by the end of the season to be like, ‘Oh wow, we didn’t even realize we had that.’ That’s what I’m hoping happens. That there’s at least one guy in that group that right now, nobody is thinking is going to be a guy and they become a legit guy.”


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