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INDIANAPOLIS – Colts Running Back Jonathan Taylor has been on a sensational tear over the last 7 games. Taylor had 116 yards rushing on 21 carries with a touchdown in the Colts latest victory over the Jaguars Sunday.

After placing himself in rarified RB air, JMV asked both Jake Query, Co-Host of “Kevin & Query” on 107.5 The Fan and The Athletics’ Stephen Holder the same question. If he is able to stay healthy and remains on the Colts for years to come, can he become the best running back in Indianapolis Colts franchise history?

Jake Query:

“(Edgerrin) James is the benchmark because of the number of years played and that he started his career here. As a runner, Jonathan Taylor can absolutely match or eclipse Edgerrin if he’s able to stay healthy. The thing about James that was so good and he didn’t get credit for until late in his career was the level of commitment he had in any area that was asked of him. I remember Manning pulled me aside one day in the locker room after I had asked him a question about Edge and he said to me ‘look man, you don’t have any grasp how good that guy is even if I never hand him the ball because of his ability to read defenses, pick up blitzes, and catch the ball.’ If Taylor can get even in the same zip code as that then he’ll have a phenomenal career.”

Stephen Holder:

“I think he has the ability to be. What they’re doing with him in the passing game is what is really intriguing. The extra layer of what he can do for you in the passing game is what enables him to be really elite and be in that upper class of offensive players in the NFL right now.”

Jonathan Taylor has only played 25 games in the NFL and as a member of the Colts but he has already shown to Colts fans that he is certainly on a pace to be remembered as one of the great running backs in Franchise history.