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INDIANAPOLIS – The struggling Colts defense has its chance to prove itself vs a Jaguars offense ranked #22 in the NFL in yards per game this Sunday. After allowing Jets QBs throw for 412 yards and 4 TD’s, the Colts will welcome in the most heralded #1 Draft Pick since the Colts’ Andrew Luck in 2012. Will the Colts be able to slow down Trevor Lawrence and the Jags offense? If their offensive performance last week vs the Bills is how they perform on Sunday (218 total yards, 139 passing, 79 rushing) then the Colts defense will be able to get back on track. Writer for the Jaguars Mike DiRocco joined JMV Wednesday to explain why the Jaguars offense is so bad even with Trevor Lawrence and Head Coach Urban Meyer’s new scheme:

“This team is struggling to move the ball and put points on the board, even with generational talent Trevor Lawrence. They just don’t have anyone on the field, even if James Robinson is healthy, that can give them big plays. They don’t have a guy that can go 60 yards for a touchdown every time he touches it. The receivers, which I thought was going to be a strength of this team have just been ok. There’s a lot of times where there is no separation and Trevor Lawrence is scrambling and it’s just not a very good offense. It’s disjointed at times and they’re just plotting. They only average 17.5 points a game so if you’re the Colts and you can get 17 on this team you’re probably winning this game.”

Going into the 2021 NFL Draft Trevor Lawrence was the most highly regarded prospect since Andrew Luck, so JMV wanted to know if he has flashed those traits that made him the #1 pick and what he’s still working out in his rookie year:

“The first couple of weeks he was forcing the ball down the field a little too much and not taking the dump off but lately he’s corrected that and cut down on those interceptions. Every time he’s had to answer something he has, so that’s a good thing for him. In terms of the negative part of his game he’s got to learn when to take shots down the field. So far he’s been ok with that but that’s something he hopefully learns with experience…Mentally this kid is as tough and smart as anybody that I’ve ever covered in College Football and the NFL, he’s everything you want mentally.”

Hopefully for the Colts Darius Leonard and the defense are able to take advantage of some rookie QB mistakes and continue to add to their NFL leading 20 turnovers so far this season.