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College Football. August 28. SOON.

In all honesty, packed on-campus stadiums were one of the things missed most due to the pandemic. The environments in West Lafayette, Bloomington, and South Bend are sure to be bananas this year. And we’re looking forward to bringing you coverage all season on The Fan.

Once again on ESPN, we will be graced with the presence of the College Gameday dynamic duo in Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. By far some of the best Saturday morning entertainment available on on television.

Fall also means this song is back in our lives.

Over the years, you would think that Herbie has learned a few things and locked away some unreal stories from the former Indiana head coach Corso.

The great color analyst and newest author onto the scene with his upcoming book “Out of the Pocket” jumped on The Dan Dakich Show Tuesday for an emotional chat about his upbringing and lessons learned along the way.

But of course, Herbie also made sure to fill DD in on what a day in the life next to Coach Corso is.

A few years back, Corso “let one slip” during his iconic headgear segment where he tosses the mascot head over himself for the school he thinks will win the game of the week.

Corso dropped an F-bomb. 😂

“It was like oh my god he finally slipped,” Herbstreit said. “The producer came out of the truck and told Lee that he cursed and Lee goes yeah yeah so what? But then we got done and I was flying to Eugene, Oregon from Houston to call the primetime game. On the plane, all we could talk about was Corso. When we landed, Phil Knight was there and was waiting for me in a custom RV. He ended up high-fiving me and went f-ing Corso I love that SOB!”

As Herbie said, Lee is the only guy who can drop and F-bomb on live national television and be a hero.


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