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First off, We want to wish all of you fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day. A day many fathers hold close to their heart for many reasons.

If you think of players in who have held a noticeable connection with their father in college sports your light bulb should not take long to go off.

The hints of March Madness, and college basketball should be all you need to know before the relationship of Doug Mcdermott and his dad, Greg Mcdermott should come to mind.

In the world of sports it is a special feeling to be able to call your own dad your coach. As a dad it can be a challenging role to fill but if you do it just right it could turn into one amazing storyline.

Doug McDermott remembers having conversations with his dad during his junior and senior high school seasons. Greg McDermott mentioned to him that he should be a walk-on player at Iowa State where he was currently coaching, but Doug McDermott wanted to be an impact player somewhere and not just a walk on. He made his decision and signed with UNI away from his dad.

But then things got interesting.

Greg McDermott took a head coaching job at Creighton following the 2010 season. So rather than being intraconference rivals, Doug McDermott flipped his commitment and was on his way to Omaha, Neb., with his dad.

Here is Doug McDermott’s first message to his teammates about joining the team and his dad being the coach:

“I told my teammates, ‘I know it’s a little awkward ’cause my dad’s the head coach, but I’m with you guys. I’m not with him,'” Doug McDermott wrote. “Don’t think that I’m on his side — I’m on your side.”

That’s where Doug and Greg McDermott started this experience right.

Doug McDermott said that his dad balanced their basketball-family relationship well, even through funny situations like this:

“I remember one time when my dad yelled at the team after a practice, but then walked up to me and said quietly, ‘Hey, I’ve got your laundry down in my office. Come get it,'” Doug McDermott wrote.

Doug McDermott’s career under his father was a successful one. He played all four years of his college career with his dad and finished his senior year with a total of 3,011 points ranking him 7th on the all-time NCAA scoring list.

Here are some photos of Doug and his dad Greg during their time at Creighton.

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