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Pacer reporter for The Athletic Scott Agness joins Jeff and Big Joe on The Fan Morning Show to talk NBA offseason.  He talks about what moves he believes could happen around the NBA and which key players may stay where they are.  He also goes in to detail on what he expects from certain players dealing with injuries going in to next season.

Has Kemba Walker made it clear he wants to stay in Charlotte?

“Yeah he said just yesterday too that he would be willing to take less.  Now again, these are the circumstances where these guys are put in no win situation.  Would you take less to stay?  But you also want to look good as well.  I think he is sincere in that, but also I’m not sure what he to gain if he says otherwise.  The only thing I will say is that Kemba would make since a lot of since for one of those New York teams if he wants to go home, if he wants that storyline, and if he wants to pair up with someone.  Just because, honestly I couldn’t blame him at this point because what the Hornets have not done for him would be a little alarming.  They haven’t paired him with another star, their salary cap is awful.  The only benefit for the Hornets and taking less money would be savings out of the pocket of Michael Jordan.  It’s not like they can sign anyone else, so for Kemba to take less just doesn’t make since for him.”

What Pacers free agents are top priority?

“I think what we’ve seen is that out of what Kevin Pritchard has been willing to say is that Bojan (Bogdonavic) is their top guy they are willing to get.  They would like Thad but they also will explore other options, for probably perhaps younger and a stronger all-star level talent for now.  Obviously a little bit limited in their budget, we have used the $43 million and that’s one of the highest salaries available for any team right now.  In order to do that they would have to renounce the rights to all these free agents.  So they can get their but it’s a little challenging.  I think Bojan is the number one priority, he is probably going to command something in the 16, 19, 20 million dollar range.  The challenge is when you get there and he wants a 3 year contract.  Are you willing to pay him that when he gets to 32 or 33 years old.”

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