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Episode 151 comes at you with a full recap of the Colts first preseason game of 2019. Kevin gives his offensive and defensive takeaways from Thursday night, updates the depth chart, and answers all of your Twitter questions regarding Chad Kelly, Reece Fountain, wide receiver group, and more.

“The little bit of slugishness that we have seen in prior years, and I think we saw it last night from some individuals, that gives me a little bit of pause of “Alright, is that going to carry over to the regular season again?” KB said of the sloppiness of Thursday night’s game in Buffalo and how it pertains to Colts recent history of bad starts. 

They’re 1-9 in the first two games of the season dating back to 2013. 

“I’d be shocked if (Andrew Luck) played in the preseason,” Kevin said on Friday morning. This was well before Frank Reich spoke to the media on Friday afternoon relaying that it’s not likely that Luck will be out at practice over the next three days. 

“I thought the offensive line got pushed back way too much. You had Josh Andrews starting for Ryan Kelly, Le’Raven Clark starting for Anthony Castonzo. So I know that frustrated Frank Reich a lot…not good at all for the starting offense.”

Deon Cain made his return to game action almost exactly one year after he tore his ACL in Seattle in preseason game one of 2018. 

“Deon Cain, Joey, I think we’ve kind of accurately described what we’ve seen from him at the 11 practices at Grand Park. I think you saw that last night. You saw a guy make a nice catch on a hitch route. You saw a beautiful toe-tap near the Colts sideline I think in one of those 2-minute drives to end the first half that again you watch that play and think ‘that dude tore his ACL a year ago?’ That was fluid, that was spry, that’s a guy that just looks athletic.”

As for who stood out the most in game one? 

“I would say the three guys who helped themselves the most offensively in no particular order: Chad Kelly, Jonathan Williams, and Reece Fountain,” Kevin said during the offensive takeaways. 

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