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NFL: FEB 25 Scouting Combine

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Top 10 Most NFL Combine Bench Press Reps

The NFL combine bench press has evolved into a significant test of muscle strength and stamina for aspiring professional football players.

The history of the NFL Combine dates back to the 1980s, growing into one of the premier events leading up to the NFL draft.

During the combine, athletes are required to lift 225 pounds as many times as possible, showcasing their upper-body strength and endurance.

In terms of records, Justin Ernest holds the top spot with an impressive 51 reps, a feat achieved at the NFL Scouting Combine in 1999.

Following closely are Stephen Paea with 49 reps and others.

Throughout the 40-year history of the combine, only 18 players have managed to surpass 40 reps of the 225-pound bench press, emphasizing the rarity and challenge of this achievement.

Check out below the Top 10 Most NFL Combine Bench Press Reps.

1. 51 Reps – Justin Ernest

Justin Ernest DL from eastern kentucky university College football Source:Bleacher Report

NFL Combine Year: 1999

Position: DT

College: Eastern Kentucky

2. 49 Reps – Stephen Paea

Redskins summer camp Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2011

Position: DT

College: Oregon State

3. 45 Reps – Mitch Petrus

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2010

Position: G

College: Arkansas

4. 45 Reps – Mike Kudla

Indiana Hoosiers v Ohio State Buckeyes Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2006

Position: DE

College: Ohio State

5. 45 Reps – Leif Larsen

Seattle Seahawks v Buffalo Bills Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2000

Position: DT

College: Texas-El Paso

6. 44 Reps – Netane Muti

New York Giants v Las Vegas Raiders Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2020

Position: OL

College: Fresno State

7. 44 Reps – Dontari Poe

Kansas City Chiefs v Carolina Panthers Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2012

Position: DL

College: Memphis

8. 44 Reps – Jeff Owens

Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Headshots Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year:  2010

Position: DT

College: Georgia

9. 44 Reps – Brodrick Bunkley

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2008

Position: DT

College: Florida State

10. 43 Reps – Scott Young

Philadelphia Eagles 2008 Headshots Source:Getty

NFL Combine Year: 2005

Position: G

College: BYU

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