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NFL: AUG 08 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp

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One of the biggest questions surrounding the Indianapolis Colts (non-Jonathan Taylor division) is whether or not rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson will be the team’s starter Week 1.

The argument of whether or not he has enough experience to be ready for a starting role out of the gate has created a complex paradox.

“Richardson needs more experience as a starting quarterback before he can start, but the only way to get him experience is to start him”.

Does your head hurt yet?

Obviously there are other ways in which Anthony Richardson might not be ready to be the Week 1 starter.

Perhaps he’s not grasping the playbook the way head coach Shane Steichen wants him to. Maybe he winds up looking lost during the preseason or looks like he’s in over his head and not ready for the moment.

With what we’ve heard out of Colts camp to this point, however, it would be rather surprising if Richardson took such a monumental step backward between now and Week 1 that he isn’t worthy of receiving the keys to the offense.

That’s not to say he won’t struggle. You can almost guarantee that there will be incredible lows to accompany the sensational highs. But that doesn’t mean you coddle him and refuse to start him Week 1 just because you want everything to be perfect. Life in sports, especially the NFL, is hardly ever perfect. There’s always challenges and different levels of adversity to try and overcome.

All you can do is be as prepared as you can possibly be, execute to the best of your abilities and live with the results.

The only other key thing you can do, especially if you’re a rookie, is take the results, examine them, find your mistakes, and grow from them.

All reports from camp, to this point, indicate positive growth by Anthony Richardson. He has answered every call and proven he’s ready for more to be put on his plate.

That’s not saying he’s automatically going to be the next great NFL quarterback but it is acknowledging that he is putting his best foot forward and growing at a reasonable rate.

It’s a rate that has landed him as the starting quarterback for Week 1…of the Preseason. That’s not the finish line but it is the next checkpoint in this race to the season opener and that in and of itself is extremely significant.

Thursday on The Fan Midday Show Casey Vallier of the Colts Radio Network joined the show to weigh in on the significance of Anthony Richardson getting the nod to start in this weekend’s preseason opener vs Buffalo.

Casey also discussed with us:

  • if either, neither, or both of Jonathan Taylor and Anthony Richardson will start Week 1
  • which storylines have thrown under the radar at camp so far
  • what he’s watching for from the offensive line vs Buffalo
  • how this game shakes up from the Bills side of things

Check out the full conversation with Casey Vallier of the Colts Radio Network below and keep listening to The Fan Midday Show, weekdays 12-3pm Eastern, on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan.

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