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Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles

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At long last the NFL is back.

For the Colts the season opener is still a few days away, but with the arrival of Anthony Richardson comes a clear reason to be excited well before kickoff at 1pm Eastern on Sunday.

It’s a reason that hasn’t been present in five years.

For the first time since the 2018 season opener, the Indianapolis Colts won’t be boring.

That doesn’t mean a double digit win season is coming this year. That doesn’t mean that Anthony Richardson is going to be the next great NFL quarterback.

It does mean, however, that the Colts have finally escaped the quarterback band-aid era that they were trapped in post-Luck.

Whether it leads to a place in the Ring of Honor for Richardson or another search for a rookie QB a few years down the line remains to be seem. The fact that they finally took the plunge and drafted a QB is enough to get fans excited again…for now.

We know Anthony Richardson has plenty to prove in the NFL. Whether you want to point to his accuracy issues, his lack of starts, or something in between, the bottom line is he has room to grow and room to prove doubters wrong starting this weekend against the Jags.

Richardson is not alone in having to prove himself this year.

One could look at a number of different positional rooms on this roster and find players, or in some cases the entire position group, that need to show up and show out in 2023.

Thursday on Query and Company the Voice of the Colts Matt Taylor stopped by to share which position groups have the most pressure and the most to prove this season.

Matt also spoke with us about:

  • the status of Shaq Leonard
  • what will be asked of Anthony Richardson from a play calling stand point in Week 1
  • where he wants to see the most improvement this year
  • how the Colts can end their decade long season opener drought

Check out the full conversation with Matt Taylor below and keep listening to Query and Company, weekdays 12-3pm, on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan.

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