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NFL: MAY 06 Colts Minicamp

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INDIANAPOLIS – As crazy as it might seem, Gardner Minshew actually sees a similarity in his style as a quarterback to how Anthony Richardson.

“I’ve been really impressed, a lot of times the bigger guys with big arms aren’t as quick with some of the RPO stuff and underneath, (but) he’s very quick (though) and his feet are really quick,” Minshew explains of the rookie QB.

“And I think he gets the ball out fast and can process fast.”

But that’s, likely ,where the comparisons between the two will stop.

The relationship between Minshew and Richardson actually began before either was a member of the Colts.

Earlier this spring, the two worked out together in Florida, and Minshew started connecting the dots they could be seeing each other on a more permanent basis as future teammates.

Minshew certainly recalls that first on-field impression of Richardson.

“Obviously, the first thing is just how impressive the ball jumps out of his hand,” Minshew says. “Physically, he’s got everything you want.

“Then getting around him and seeing how he works, how he takes criticism, wants to learn and get better, all those things are really, really encouraging.”

While Minshew’s entry into the NFL, as the 178th overall pick in 2019, doesn’t compare to the fanfare of Richardson, as the 4th overall pick, the vet of the Colts QB room did play a lot as a rookie.

The Jaguars turned to Minshew in the ’19 season opener after a shoulder injury sidelined Nick Foles. Minshew went to start 12 games in his rookie campaign.

“Really one of the only ways to get better as a quarterback is to play,” Minshew says of his rookie year. “So getting that experience is huge. Going out there seeing looks, feeling the speed, something you really can’t replicate in any other way, it’s huge.

“Just getting any type of experience, any type of game snaps, is really, really important.”

How the Colts will handle reps for these two this offseason and eventually make a starting QB decision will be wildly debated.

Colts quarterbacks coach Cam Turner said the staff is trying to clean-up some footwork and technique of Richardson to help solidify the timing nature to playing quarterback.

Mentally, Turner has liked how Richardson has worked.

“He’s been all business,” the QB coach says.

“He’s hungry. He wants to learn. He wants to be coached.”

Along with that aspect to Richardson’s individual game, immersing himself into an NFL locker room as a 21-year-old is also going to be a major part of his professional introduction.

“You have to earn the respect for the guys and you can’t assume you are expected something,” Minshew shares about his own experience.

“(Richardson) knows what he’s doing, you know, he’s doing the right things we’re practicing. He’s making the right checks, doing that kind of stuff. And that’s how you kind of gradually earn respect and eventually, earn that kind of leadership spot.

“I think he’s coming out with a great attitude, very humble, willing to learn, willing to admit he’s wrong. Those are all very important things in the process of getting better.”

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