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Darius Leonard chasing Lamar Jackson


The breaking news on Monday that Ravens QB and former league MVP Lamar Jackson has requested a trade sent shockwaves through the NFL. 

While it was well known that Jackson and the Ravens were having difficulties coming to an agreement on a contract extension for the 6th year star, there continued to be a belief that the two sides would come together and work something out. While that still is a possibility, Jackson making his trade demand public could change things.  

For the Colts, the news introduces an interesting conundrum. Do the Colts stay where they are in the draft, hope that the QB they want falls to them, and then try and surround him with enough talent and good coaching so that he develops into the franchise quarterback they’ve so desperately needed since Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement? Or do they go all-in on winning now, and trade a presumable fortune for one of the most dynamic playmakers to ever go under center?  

Should the Colts decide to go in on Jackson, they would also be on the hook for what would more than likely be a record-breaking contract. A contract of that size, coupled with what the Colts would have to give up in acquiring Jackson, could be the deciding factor in the Colts’ decision. Of course, one only must look at the job Colts head coach Shane Steichen did with Jalen Hurts last year to understand why giving up that king’s ransom could be enticing. The Colts, with the 4th overall pick, are one of the few teams that could reasonably make a move. 

JMV spoke to Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network about Lamar Jackson, Kentucky QB Will Levis, and more! Listen to that conversation below!



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