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“All chips in! Period.”

That’s what we were promised from the Colts in the off-season.  Fast-forward to November 29th, with the Colts at 4-7-1, is this what that looks like? No hope of the playoffs, again. No division title, again. No long-term answer at quarterback, again. No #1 wide receiver, again. A disastrous and expensive offensive line.  No hope, period, again.

The Colts sold everyone a bill of goods yet again.  Believing they were contenders, just a quarterback away.  Don’t worry about the lack of big name wide receivers.  Don’t worry about the depth at offensive line.  Don’t worry about going to the well with another aging veteran QB.  Don’t worry about Rodrigo Blankenship, etc., etc.

Since “All chips in” the Colts have waived Rodrigo Blankenship, benched Matt Ryan, started Sam Ehlinger, fired Frank Reich, fired Marcus Brady, hired Jeff Saturday away from a TV show (and a hit local sports radio program), benched Sam Ehlinger, started Matt Ryan again, installed Parks Frazier as offensive coordinator….is anyone else’s head spinning?

This has been a colossal failure of a season and has only amplified what many have thought for awhile: The Colts need to stop kicking the can down the road and do an honest to god rebuild.  Now, you’ve wasted yet another season and are behind the 8-ball even more.  The Colts are nowhere close to being the Chiefs or Bills.  They aren’t even close to being the Titans at this point. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed.

Even with the disaster that’s been 2022, how much will actually change in 2023?  Will Chris Ballard be back?  And if so, does he get a say in the head coach and then get yet another chance to put his name on a draft class?  Will he finally draft a potential franchise QB in the early rounds?  And what happens to Jeff Saturday?  Does he automatically get the head coaching job if Irsay has anything to say about it or will he move to a front office role?  And if there is a head coaching vacancy what experienced head coach with any sort of a resume wants to try and clean up the mess at West 56th?

-Marc Dykton

On Tuesday’s Kevin & Query, the guys reacted to the ugly Monday Night Football loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and discussed the Colts issues and future with Indianapolis Star reporter Nate Atkins.  To listen to the full interview, click the link below and be sure to listen to Kevin & Query every weekday morning from 7-10 on 93.5 & 107.5 The Fan!

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