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The season premiere of HBO’s inaugural in-season edition of their popular ‘Hard Knocks’ series debuts Wednesday night at 10pm ET and with the Indianapolis Colts as the featured team it was as good a time as any to have long-time series director Steve Trout on the Kevin & Query show to discuss what to expect heading into tonight’s premiere episode.

While the NFL season is about to head into Week 11, Trout said the the premiere episode will catch the audience up on the season up to this point but about 90 percent of the episode would revolve around the goings on in the last week.

“We are very much in real-time.  That’s why this show is so unique.  We’ll catch you up in a really creative way on the first 8 to 9 weeks of the season, which is maybe 4-5 minutes and the rest of it is all happening last week.” – Steve Trout on how much the premiere episode will focus on the early part of the season

The film crew for ‘Hard Knocks’ were in the studio Monday morning to film some of Kevin & Query and while that footage likely won’t be broadcast until Episode 2, in reality, the majority of what they film hits the cutting room floor.  The amount of footage that actually makes it to air is shockingly small.

“It has to be incredibly low. Hard Knocks has been Hard Knocks because we shoot a lot and use the best of the best.  We’re talking under two percent.” – Steve Trout on how much footage they shoot actually airs

The guys also dove into a typical filming week for the crew, Steve’s thoughts on Jim Irsay and how much of a final say do the Colts really get on episodes?  The answers may surprise you and you can catch the full interview in the link below.  Director Steve Trout will be joining Kevin & Query weekly to discuss every episode until the series wraps up.

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