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Why do we keep kidding ourselves year-after-year during the College Football season?

For some reason, fans nationwide convince themselves that at some point, the little guy is going to get a shot in the College Football Playoff. For a while, I was also drinking the kool-aid on this notion.

News flash – It’s never going to happen.

With the latest CFP Top-25 released on Tuesday, it told us what we already knew. As long as they do what they’re supposed to do, the group of Georgia, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State is going to be who competes to fly to Indianapolis to play at Lucas Oil Stadium in January.

Despite the Cincinnati Bearcats being the number-three ranked team in the AP Top-25, they can’t sniff the top-four in the CFP listings.

No surprise.

Last year it was BYU and Coastal Carolina that people begged to crack the top four at some point. Years before it was Boise State. This is something we talked about on The American Standard Indiana College Gameday on Saturday. By the way, tune in this Saturday from 4 PM to 6 PM!

The College Football Playoff Committee is not necessarily the NCAA themselves. But they fall under the large umbrella that is affiliated with the NCAA.

When it comes to the NCAA, it’s all about the green. No, that’s not the green of the Michigan State Spartans or Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

It’s that cash money baby.

No matter if you make the CFP eight teams, 12 teams, 16 teams, or leave it at four, the little guy is never going to get a shot. That doesn’t sell. You know what does? Georgia vs Alabama. LSU vs Ohio State. Michigan vs Notre Dame.

BYU vs Boise State might at best be a game aired on ESPN2 at 9 PM on a Saturday.

If you make the College Football Playoff 12 teams, that might incentivize some fan bases to buy in and truly believe that their club has a shot to get in. Purchase the plane tickets right? Nope. All a 12 team playoff would do is give the committee people an excuse to make more dough.

Of course you’d take the normal top four of a Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State, etc. But then that gives them the ability to take a total of four-ish SEC teams, a few Big Ten clubs, the ACC champion and maybe one other, the Pac-12 champ, Notre Dame (you know that’s going to happen), and one other big name school.

No room for a cinderella story. Even though every year we convince ourselves that we will see that fairytale ending. And of anybody, I want to see it.

We just have to remember who we’re dealing with here.

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