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Yesterday’s slate of games across the National Football League made my brain hurt.

Game after game, drive after drive, play after play, there was just no flow to any of the battles we saw in Week 9. I’m truly thankful that the Indianapolis Colts didn’t have to play yesterday. Or else we probably would have been talking about another Carson Wentz shovel pass interception or something again.

In all seriousness, yesterday wasn’t great for the Colts in the standings picture.

Obviously, the Tennessee Titans beating the Los Angeles Rams stings. Two teams that have already beaten the Colts this year, and the Titans made the Rams look silly.

So the Titans can find a way to win road games without the best running back in the league, and then sign the former best back in the league who is now ancient to fill his spot. Cool.

It wasn’t just Tennessee though. The Ravens, Chargers, Patriots, Chiefs, Browns, and Broncos also picked up important victories on Sunday. Add in one more team too. The Jacksonville Jaguars.

Yes, the Jaguars.

Somehow, someway, in a game that should be burned and hidden in a vault for no one to rewatch ever, the Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills.

The Josh Allen vs Josh Allen stuff was actually really funny.


We hear Frank Reich say it like a broken record at times, but it’s true. The NFL is a week-to-week league. Who knows what Urban Meyer’s team will look like on Sunday.

One thing is clear. If the Bills aren’t good enough to breeze past a week of prep for Jacksonville, the Colts sure as hell aren’t either.

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