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As the beginning of NBA free agency getting closer, many possibilities still lie with what can happen to the Indiana Pacers roster.  Bojan Bogdanovic and Thaddeus Young are both free agents and could potentially leave while the Pacers also have opportunities to sign free agents from around the league.  Pacers reporter Scott Agness joins Jeff & Big Joe to give his take.

To what end will the Pacers go to keep Bojan Bogdanovic this offseason?

“They’ve made clear that he is their top priority and he will probably receive that first phone call at 6:00 pm on Sunday evening.  What I think is the Pacers going to go hard after him.  I expect for them to make a good but fair offer in terms of what they think his value.  For them I would see them looking for more a 2-year deal or maybe a 3-year deal.  But I believe we’re looking at a 2-year deal in terms of anywhere from 30 to maybe 34 million perhaps is what we are looking at.”

Where are the Pacers in terms of beginning of working in some of the younger players they already have into the rotation?

“Yeah there are several pieces to that.  I think the big picture there is that power forward spot.  You need to figure out what T.J. Leaf is, and then acquiring T.J. Warren.  He will obviously want to be implemented in everything.  On the backcourt, Aaron Holiday is surely going to be at that backup point guard with potential for a greater role.  And then Edmond Sumner, I think things get really interesting for him as well.  I just think he needs rest and minutes.  He’s really transformed his body over the last six months.  Put on a lot of weight up top.  I think he could be a great 2-way guy for this Pacers team.  In practice last season, he was the guy that always wanted to guard Victor (Oladipo) before the injury.  He’s trying to take pride in that defense.  Over the last season in the g-league season, he developed his three point shot.”

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