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The second episode of Kevin’s Corner this week covers both sides of the ball for the Colts. Kevin talks about what position groups are the strongest heading into 2019 + who he thinks has something to prove. Then we spend an extended time answering your Twitter questions.

On Quarterback Strength:

“Besides the Saints….who has a better quarterback combination in the league? When you think of what Andrew Luck showed last year, the comfort that Jacoby Brissett gives this football team, and…we know Chris Ballard loves Jacoby Brissett, and he makes him sleep easy at night and all those things about a general manager having a backup quarterback he can rely on. Frank Reich might be even more obsessed with him. I think Frank Reich sees a little bit of himself in Jacoby Brissett.”

Wide Receivers Having Something to Prove in 2019:

“In a way I look at this as offensive line from last year. By that I mean you invested so much into your O-line last offseason, and I still sit here today on June 27th, and I am pleasantly surprised – bordeline shocked that Chris Ballard invested in the wideout group as much as he did this year. This group has a lot to prove. Can they deliver? Because if Hilton gets hurt, it’s unproven guys.”

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