Doug Pensinger | Getty Images Dallas Clark.  It’s a name Indy loves.  Could it be the greatest football name ever? It just sounds like he was born to either be a cowboy (not Jerry’s) or play football.  I’m glad he played football.  He somehow managed to defy all logic and physics being a slow white guy […]

Joe Robbins | Getty Images I’ve said it before, I’ll definitely say it again.  They should name a wine after Vinatieri right now because much like a fine wine, Vinatieri makes your mom and grandma really, really happy.  He makes us all happy. Time and time again the GOAT has made his legendary trot out […]

Joe Robbins | Getty Images We’re under 50 days until the Colts get their venture to Miami (hopefully) started.  46 to be exact.  So I figured why not start our own countdown leading up to it?  Let’s start with T.Y. Hilton’s 46-yard touchdown against the Saints on October 25, 2015.  The Colts lost this game […]