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“I truly feel in my heart that we are ultimately taking a step in the right direction and we’re gonna bring about real change.” – Michael Grady

The senseless killing of George Floyd by four (now former) Minneapolis police officers has sparked outrage throughout our nation. Even people in other countries are making their voices heard through peaceful protests in the name of justice and social change. One way we can begin to solve the racial divide in America is to try and understand people who have had different experiences than us. We need to listen. You need to listen.

That’s what Jeff Rickard and Big Joe Staysniak did on Thursday’s Fan Morning Show. We had the pleasure of welcoming back former Morning Show host, Michael Grady, who spoke on the issues of social and racial injustice in our country and how we all can do our part to make a difference.

You can listen to the full interview at the end of this article. Grady’s powerful words need to be heard and not just read.

“What sparked all of this is a life that was taken that should not have been taken away,” Grady said. “And there are far too many George Floyd’s and examples of situations like that where lives have been taken away…I am not condoning looting or rioting, nor am I lumping those who are creating unrest in the streets with the millions of people around the country and around the world who are peacefully protesting a very important cause…We can condemn those who are creating unrest and violence in the street while not losing sight of what we are protesting and the change we are trying to bring about.”

“It’s warming my heart to see so many people coming together for this cause and there are a lot of people that are tired of saying, ‘Enough is enough.’ Something needs to be done about it, and something needs to be done about it now. Action steps need to be taken. And so to see people in the streets around the country and around the world standing together – of all different shades, all different hues, coming from all different walks of life, young, old – is encouraging and the momentum has to continue.”

“It’s really important that we come together. It’s important that we are careful with our words. It is important that we listen. It is important that we have uncomfortable conversations, and uncomfortable conversations with people who may walk a different path than you, that may look different than you, that may come from a different background than you. These are the types of things that can influence and impact an empathetic heart and help with understanding, help with education during this time…”

On athletes who knelt during the National Anthem: “What they were trying to shed light on was getting overshadowed by, ‘Is it disrespectful to kneel at the National Anthem? Is it disrespecting the flag? Is it this, that, or whatever?’ And people completely ignored the issue. It was a convenient distraction over what so many were trying to shed light on. And it’s sad that it’s taken another death, another senseless death, an 8-minute-and-46-second video for people to go, ‘Ohh. Ohhhhhh.’…Let’s keep the momentum going. Let’s spread the knowledge that you’re getting, the understanding that you are now having. Let’s spread that to others that may not completely understand the issues.”

“I’m asking people to also find it in your heart to reach out to someone who does not look like you and get an understanding of their experience. Get an understanding of where they come from. It may be very different than yours. It may be very uncomfortable. You may be shocked by what you hear…This is where true empathy is born.”

“It is not too late. Call someone today. Reach out to someone today. Let them know that you care. Have a conversation. Listen. There are a lot of people hurting. And I want you, I want everyone who doesn’t have a full understanding, to make an effort to understand why.”


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