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Dallas Clark. 

It’s a name Indy loves. 

Could it be the greatest football name ever? It just sounds like he was born to either be a cowboy (not Jerry’s) or play football. 

I’m glad he played football. 

He somehow managed to defy all logic and physics being a slow white guy who became a matchup nightmare truly giving hope to kids across Indianapolis like me who pushed for the handheld 40-yard dash rather than the digitally accurate one. 

44 days until the Colts kickoff. Let’s take a look back at some of the best plays made by 44, Dallas Clark.

How? I mean, how in god’s name do you get that wide open? Literally catches the pass on one knee and walks in. 

Baltimore must have hated playing Dallas Clark (we’ll see more later). Like he did against a lot of teams, Clark just always found the smallest crack that he could somehow sliver into and make unreal catches. Mr. Reliable. Grabs like these are even more unreal considering the level of talent and Hall-of-Fame guys were on that Ravens defense. 

One of the greatest mysteries in the history of the NFL is how Dallas Clark wasn’t a New England Patriot.

Bill Belichick probably wants 11 Dallas Clarks. 

This one sticks out a lot in the 2006 AFC Championship game. Trailing by a touchdown to start the 4th quarter, Manning heaves it to the sideline, and of course Clark is “Dallas on the spot” with a beauty of a toe-tap snag. 

Nothing in the world has ever made more sense than Dallas Clark not wearing gloves during games.

2009 was full of big plays from Clark. This one was almost unneccessary, but we remember it fondly anyway. He lines up in his legendary slot position, and it always amazes me how a guy like that constantly slips right by coverage and is WIDE OPEN. 

It helps having Reggie Wayne cross underneath you, but still it’s like NFL defenders always had to remind themselves “Holy cow this dude can really play” usually after he had toasted them for a TD. 

Plus a fun little anectdote from that score – he passed John Mackey for all-time leader in the touchdowns by tight end category in Colts franchise history. 

2009 again. Monday Night Football. First play from scrimmage. BAM! Clark down the seam, breaks a tackle, and oh my god he’s outrunning the defense! 

80-yard score to start the game. He finished with 7 catches, 183 yards and a score. Colts win 27-23. 

Dallas Clark the Jacksonville Jaguar killer. Talk about trust in your receiver. Really wasn’t anywhere to throw it, but The Sheriff says “I know Ol’ Dallas will get his big paws on it”. 

The Colts may have lost Super Bowl 44, but that didn’t stop Clark from having another solid performance. Sean Payton is caught on NFL Films saying “Let’s not let their best player beat us! Let’s not let Dallas Clark beat us!”

That was fun. A classic Colt making plays that will endure forever. A lot is made about the connection that Peyton had with Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison, and rightfully so. But don’t forget about the chemistry between 18 and 44. 

44 days. 

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